White Papers

Let me begin by saying how much I enjoy people. I started doing it 37 years ago when I was 24 years old.  I’ve lost track how many acquaintances and candidates I’ve counseled over the years. I can say it never gets old .  I enjoy people.

I compare career advice to another passion of mine, golf advice. Not just the golf swing, but everything from how to dress to golf etiquette to manners to the handicap system and the rules etc. etc.

The same holds for career advice. So many moving parts depending on the circumstance and situation. Depending on the situation, whether it’s prepping for an interview, updating your resume and accompanying social media sites, knowing how to dress, understanding how to behave, how to follow up, how to accept or turn down an offer, contemplating a counter offer, or a plethora of other circumstances, these situational white papers help address these circumstantial questions. I hope you enjoy reading them.

  1. Interview prep questions and tips from the experts
  2. Top Talent 2021
  3. Apples to apples comparison to ensure a proper job offer
  4. Line up your experience with prospective employer’s job description
  5. Interview tips from the experts
  6. Where do I stand
  7. A youthful look at the world
  8. How to write a resume that brings results
  9. Do you have initiative
  10. A message to Garcia