About me

I was born in Toledo, Ohio, where both my parents were raised on farms. I’ve got 70 first cousins and the farms ran their course after my mom and dad, and their siblings, 15 in total, all chose different career paths.

Kreuz farm.jpg

We moved to Cleveland, Ohio when I was six months old and then to Williamsville, New York when I was in the fourth grade.

Cindy and I met in high school and we married our junior year of college.


As for our business, I met Tony Ragusa in 1982, and furthered our relationship in the early 90’s while I was debating embarking on my own. After golf one day, Tony and I mapped out our original partnership on a napkin, became best friends, and will celebrate the 25th year of that original partnership on September 3, 2018, AP Professionals, and more significantly, the 40th anniversary of the Advantage Company on June 6, 2018.

I aspire to our Root Philosophy . Personally, it’s led to many associations for me. I  have business interests in the Advantage Business Exchange, AP Professionals, Giancarlo’s Sicilian Steakhouse and Pizzeria, iWolrd Professionals, and Inspire Global Resources and Staffing. And all of this we navigate from the Walker Center, located in Williamsville New York.

Our AP founders in Buffalo and Rochester that propelled our growth.


My parents

As for my parents, my dad passed peacefully a few years at the age of 90 after a downhill battle with Alzheimer’s. My dad Norm was the consummate salesman.  He was old-school and he was the best of a dying breed.  My dad had the charm to go along with the facts.  He knew his customers and they knew him.  It’s a lesson I learned well.  After his death, I reflected on his life and his impact on me, and the guideline for our business is still about “Relationships that last a lifetime.”

Norm yellow pages.jpg

My mom, a nurse, raised six of us, and returned to nursing once Butch made his way to high school, and then took care of my dad.  She’s enjoyed a renewed look on life in Williamsville and Florida recharging her batteries.

Eloise nurse.jpg

And my kids


And the Grandkids.  The little man is getting schooled.

Eloise Kreuz.jpg

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