My Friends

Since moving to Buffalo in fourth grade, I’ve been lucky to establish many lasting friendships over the years. I distinctly remember the frigid day in February 1969 when my parents informed my five siblings and me that we were relocating to Buffalo. As Norm and Ellie drove us to St. Gregs for our first day, I met Rich Weber, the Leonard twins, and Mark Metz, who have remained my cherished friends for over 53 years. I’ve since formed countless other valuable relationships, which have been integral to my career. “Relationships that last a lifetime” has been my mantra in business, and it’s a principle that has served me well. A friend once told me, “A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than a business founded on friendship,” and I couldn’t agree more.


The four original partners in Amherst and Rochester, New York that lead to our global expansion.

Close childhood friends

Zo.pngSouth Boys.jpgSly.jpegHigh school.png

Many great golf memories

Golf boys 1.pngHartigan 4Friendship tour.pngRIP StottGolf boys 2.png

Thursday Bridge Club


Not for Sheila O’brien year 1, AP might not ever have gotten past our first couple of months.
I belong to many clubs and the Pen Club has been going 10+ years now.
We love the Borkowski’s.
John Connelly gave me some good advice in 1993
The original AP family

My high school and college golf teams. Team sports were so much fun.
Hey Joe. Take my pic!!!
MJB and ar efallen Pen Club friend Keith.
We met through our sons at Canisius High
Another favorite golf group “The Macker”
Part of the original AP Squad honoring Randy

My friend Goydos and his family. OK, it’s Rick Bouskil.
Big Lou.
Moises says “There is no way you know what you are talking about.”
The first annual holiday party 1992
Father Sturm. He imbued some Jesuit wisdom on me.
Geri and Jimmie. These two deep thinkers have guided me many times.
Jim Tilley forever my advocate.
The Kenmore neighborhood clic.
Collars up!!!
PGA pro Peter Creighton.
The Segarra brothers.
The Fuck Sticks
Big Daddy Moley and Ned
The first annual Sam’s Club black tie holiday party
Ricky H
Sam’s Club 2023 dinner for the non snow birds