My Mom – Eloise Kreuz

My Momkreuz-family

As we wind down 2015, I was at my parents the other night reminiscing about the year with my mother Eloise. I’ve been fortunate to be able to spend some quality time with her lately. I was thinking about all my friends and the one common link we all have. We often talk of our mothers. Some lost their mom’s early, some midstream, and some of us are still fortunate to have them in our lives. Living or deceased, who doesn’t enjoy talking about their mom in mixed company.

Mom has two great grandkids (GGK’s) now (as of 2022 up to 8 GGK’s and one on the way), and my granddaughter Eloise is named after her. I happened to be there when my daughter told my mom what she was having and what they’d be naming her. That was a magical moment that I’ll cherish forever. As she cares for my dad we’ve been enjoying talking about many things in our lives. She used to love watching Norm and I play gin rummy, and occasionally I’d pick a lucky card and win.

She’s had some great accomplishments in her life: number one in her class in nursing school, a skilled nurse, lifetime accountant for the family Courier Express route, six healthy children, 17 grandkids, two great grandkids, a husband who always knew the difference between right and wrong, a hole in one, attended a super bowl, and sound relationships with all of her daughter-in-laws and son-in law.

Twelve years ago we celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and what a party it was, with that monstrous size family of theirs. Twelve years later they are still going strong and Norman appreciates all she does for him. I made a choice not to move away 26 years ago, and as I look back at the life we’ve enjoyed in Buffalo, I’d say that was a pretty wise move.

Mom retired from nursing at age 75, and the caregiver in her has held strong for all of us. My family often wonders how many term papers she typed, how many cab rides she took us to the doctor, and how many times she walked to the grocery store.

I often tell her how much I love what I do, and she told me her dad retired from farming at age 93. That gives me hope for the next 27 years, and I hope to be as prosperous and successful as he was.

We spent many years traveling back to the family farm in Ohio and those are memories we’ll all cherish forever. In the world of lavish vacations and social media, I wouldn’t trade those family farm vacations for anything. She taught us values, the difference between right and wrong, and strong morals. I’d say she did a great job.

Happy New Year mom.

The Kreuz Family farm house including green house, hay loft, chicken coupe and dairy cattle

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