The Advantage Catalog

20th Anniversary Catalog Edition

Date:  November 29, 2014

Blog Posting: 2

Check this out!  Our annual catalog will be in the stores, on the shelves, and distributed next week at our annual catalog launch party.  You can view The Advantage Co annual catalog online at  http://www.theadvantagecatalog.comThe Advantage Catalog


Here is a little story for you.  For starters, one of my titles I use often is Chief Story Teller (CST).  The Advantage Co opened its doors the summer of 1978 as I was finishing my first year of college.  36+ years later, and as we approach the launch of our 20th anniversary of our annual catalog, I often reflect what has transpired since the first catalog edition in 1995.

​I started my first business as a partnership with The Advantage Co in the summer of 1993, the Walker Center opened its doors the holiday season of 1994, and our first catalog edition was published for the holiday season in 1995.  My mother, Eloise, has the first 19 catalogs neatly arranged, next to the encyclopedias, at the home that Norm built.  Mom and I often reminisce as we peruse the catalogs and what’s transpired over the years and what a wonderful experience it’s been for the Advantage Nation, and the Kreuz family for that matter.  

I hope you enjoy this year’s edition as much as Eloise does.  


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