The Courier Express

The anniversary of the Buffalo  blizzard of 1977 got me thinking about my day job in grade school and high school. I was 17 years old at the time and I don’t recall if the Courier missed a day. That being said, we never got a day off, and if you were lucky enough to go on vacation with your family, you usually had to beg someone to take the route, and lay out a map by hand, and overpay to take the route for the week. And how about when you got your license and you didn’t have to pull the wagon through the snow. And how about collecting in sub zero temps and the customer saying “You were here last week!! There is no way I owe for two weeks!!!” Your hands were so cold it was hard to make change by the end of collections. And waking up at 5:45 AM to see if they called your name on the radio for a free prize. And having to borrow money from mom to pay your weekly bill if collections fell short, and she gave it to you interest free. And oh, the bonus, the Christmas calendar, and the wad of tips you’d get for being a good business person throughout the year. Anytime I come across job seekers I’ve helped over the years who quit right before bonus my canned response has always been “That’s like giving up the paper route in November.”

To this day I remain an early riser and I attribute it to the Courier.  That paper installed good business values.

Oh those were good times and there should be some type of Courier Club for all of us.

Might be fun.


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