What would Norm do?

What Would Norm Do?

Date:  December 12, 2014

Blog Posting: 4


​      I was talking to my mom the other day about our new business, the Advantage Business Exchange (ABX). I told mom as I began to recruit a ABX sales agent team I’d be looking for people similar to my dad. His business acumen and sales ability were second to none. The year was 1969. I was in fourth grade in Cleveland, Ohio. My dad was selected as part of an elite sales team to expand LM Berry’s Yellow Page footprint in Western New York. He was good at what he did and off we went. I watched my dad prosper over the years. I often tell people dad taught me social and selling skills at the kitchen table. He sold Yellow Pages his entire life, first for Ohio Bell, then for LM Berry, and finished off his career with White Directory Publishers.

     Yellow pages was Google from the 50’s to the 90’s. I told my mom Google didn’t exist back then, and if dad were selling today, he’d be top of the heap in Google sales. If you wanted something back then, you had to rely on Yellow pages and word of mouth (and an encyclopedia). One thing I noticed as I grew up was my dad had a great following of clients, and every year when it was time for renewals, he sold those ads with confidence as he renewed one account after another, traveling from city to city around New York State.

   My dad sold one thing and he sold it well. Forty Five years later after my dad was recruited, we will be recruiting our own elite sales team at ABX. I wrote in my high school yearbook that I wanted to wear a suit to work and follow in my dad’s footsteps. I wonder how much more he would have made if he had other things to sell to his loyal following. That being said, ABX has developed a great product mix and we’ll make those products and services available to our ABX tenants, ABX agents, and global commissioned sales force.

​      These ABX sales agents will have the opportunity to sell many of our products and services. ABX’s entire product line will be accessible online in our resource library at http://www.consiliumresources.info/

     ABX will also be developing a complimentary and eclectic mix of other best in class resources, from products to services. To learn more about how to lease offices, sales pods, how to become a ABX certified agent, or registering your products in the ABX resource library, email me at joekreuz@gmail.com

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